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A diversified portfolio covers a number of successful farming consultancy & profitable projects, including residential buildings and villas, commercial buildings, hospitals, and industrial projects. With strict compliance to local and international construction standards and a strong belief in transparent business ethics, Sixty Seconds Solution Consultants in farming diverse, multicultural team conceptualizes creative, efficient designs that are robust and adaptable, requiring minimum maintenance, while maximizing lifespan and long-term customer satisfaction. As an all-inclusive engineering company, we are also known to deliver award winning farming projects


Our structural consultants are readily available to provide detailed guidance to our clients whenever required.

At Sixty Seconds Solution, our sole priority is to ensure that our esteemed clients receive state-of-the-art services that don’t just fulfill but exceed their expectations. As such, we boast of a team of the finest, most qualified farming consultants in Dubai who are dedicated to seeing our clients’ projects through to completion.

To ensure the fulfillment of our clients’ requirements, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the most extensive range of services. From assistance with designs, we offer it all. As a trusted farming consultants company, we at Sixty Seconds Solution offer industry leading, best in class experts who are aware of cutting-edge industry standards and put in the best of their efforts to ascertain that these standards are efficiently maintained.


At SIXTY SECONDS SOLUTION – we take farming seriously and the testament to this is our pool of proficient and highly capable plant scientist, robot automation scientists who provide assistance to our esteemed clients. Our vertical farming and container farming solutions are specifically designed to custom fit in indoor farming projects. Each construction project requires a range of solutions, including design, concept, earth friendly, recyable, which is why our expert consultants take into account the needs of our clients’ project and come up with adequate solutions that best match their requirements.

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Sixty Second Solution team can help you set up an urban farm or incorporate food growing into building, masterplan or product. We're great at growing food in new and innovative ways including hydroponics, integrated agriculture and mushroom farming. We have worked with a wide range of clients and collaborators including:

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Design and build of bespoke growing systems including hydroponics, aeroponics, vertical and different farming project consultant.

Building Integrated Architecture

Urban farming business plans with regulatory approval

Environment friendly design with innovative and testing.

All our projects are creative and planet earth friendly farming project Just ask us to know more

  • Expertise FARM have six years experience growing and selling food in globally and 2 years experience working as renwable energy production, efficient use of space, water conservation, planet earth friendly, water conservation, increase yield, year round crop production, weather proof and environment friendly consultants in the sustainability sector. We have sector specific property knowhow, have managed several start-up ventures and project managed capital projects of up to £500 - £200k.

Network Our team is complimented by a wide network of associates working in aquaponics, aquaculture, mycology, hydroponics, greenhouse construction and horticultural lighting.