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Sixty Seconds Solution Farming project consultant  allows full control on growing indoors, and potentially full automation, so in turn very high yields, year-round, more taste for food crops, more active ingredients for  medicinal & cosmetic crops also earth friendly. 

Sixty Seconds Solution indoor farming projects for food and medicinal crops. We have experience designing systems but also operating hydroponic & aeroponic farms. Leverage our expertise to accelerate your project and minimize your risk. We offer business, technology & operations consultancy: from seed to sale.


Sixty Seconds Solution is having experience in setting up container farms hands-on experience. We offer consulting and R&D services in indoor and urban agriculture for corporates, entrepreneurs, investors and public organizations.

Standard operating procedures (SOPs), Compliance certification support: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) or Good Agricultural & Collection Practices (GACP).



Strategy – Feasibility study – Sourcing – Engineering – R&D – Operational support – Project design – Project management – Due diligence – Corporate ventures


Make sure your project is viable by assessing your potential sites & technical solutions. We will estimate your financial investment & operational expenses and match this data with your revenue forecast to estimate your ROI. So, you can decide if your project is worth taking forward.


Our engineers will design your farm system. We will choose technical solutions being mindful of initial costs as well operational expenses and define a layout that optimizes operational performance (workflow, workers safety & climate consistency). We will take charge of procurement and coordinate your farm installation.


We work with experienced partners to help your company define the best strategy to enter the indoor farming industry, whether through in-house innovation projects, strategic partnerships with start-ups, research institutes or other large-scale companies, the creation of an early-stage fund or an incubator.


Which suppliers to choose ? Which LED company? There are many turnkey solutions now on the market: which ones are reliable? We will help you find the right solutions for your project.


We design and conduct controlled-environment R&D programmes. For example: speed breeding or researching the impact of specific light spectra on active ingredients.