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Sixty Seconds Solution on-demand delivery app gives you instant and easy access to  services and goods, all orderable, Buying food directly from farmers or farm is the most powerful everyday act available to anyone to create a positive social and environmental impact.

Bringing farming into the city, using various techniques, with numerous benefits and purposes: reconnecting people with the origin of their food, social inclusion, biodiversity, waste-to-food recycling.

We have designed, built & operated a vertical hydroponic and aquaponic greenhouse, worked with dozens of urban farmers across Europe, with a variety of purpose: food production, education, social work… We know the business and operational challenges of urban agriculture. Leverage our expertise to make your project a success and your city a healthier, better place to live.


Our engineers will design your farm system. We will choose technical solutions being mindful of initial costs as well operational expenses and define a layout that optimizes operational performance (workflow, workers safety & climate consistency). We will take charge of procurement and coordinate your farm installation.


We design and conduct controlled-environment R&D programmes. For example: speed breeding or researching the impact of specific light spectra on active ingredients.


We offer a range of services focused on operational excellence & quality: Risk analysis with mitigation & resolution plan, Standard operating procedures (SOPs), Compliance certification support: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) or Good Agricultural & Collection Practices (GACP).


If you are considering an investment in indoor farming, we will audit your target company, assessing their business model, technology, capabilities & processes, so you can make an informed decision in this emerging industry.


We work with experienced partners to help your company define the best strategy to enter the indoor farming industry, whether through in-house innovation projects, strategic partnerships with start-ups, research institutes or other large-scale companies, the creation of an early-stage fund or an incubator.


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