Expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.76% over the forecast period 2018-2023 to reach a market size of US$7.461 billion by 2023. Vertical farming is the urban agricultural practice of growing food crops in vertical stacked layers, vertically inclined surfaces, or integrated in other structures. The major benefits of vertical farming include increased crop production, efficient resource use, and protection of crops from harsh climatic conditions. Increasing demand for pesticide-free food is one of the key drivers of vertical farming market. Rising global population along with growing need for increased food production with less dependency on climatic conditions is augmenting the demand for vertical farming. Other factors such as improvement in clean water & air filteration techniques, No soil only water & nutrient based growth using led instead of sunlight  propel the growth of global vertical farming market in the forthcoming years. Growth mechanism is projected to witness a significant benefits such as quicker crop growth, higher yield, faster harvest, low nutrient wastage.


Artificial Climate Recipes 

Plants produce different or more desirable traits, plants with the same genetics may naturally vary in color, size, texture growth rate, yield, flavor, and nutrient density depending on the environmental conditions in which they are grown. In environmental variables that could affect the plant (e.g. the pH and nutrients in the water, the temperature and humidity, the intensity and timing of the lights)  is packaged up with small scripts of code to maintain a very specific climate inside the growth chamber. This data packet of conditions are what we call “Climate Recipes.” Users create, download and run  Climate Recipes to produce unique phenotypic results in plants. The data collected during their  growth cycle can be used in our artificial intelligent app to experiment to cross link environmental, biologic, genetic variables and other cultivation inputs to phenotypic outputs in plants (like nutrition, color, flavor), then share, scale up, and improve results around the world, instantly. 


Patents, first mover advantage, unique expertise Alerts & Crop Infestation: sowing of seed to harvesting using a pre-stored climate receipe. Prediction App & Analytics : Data & algorithms remove the risk of virus attack. Machine learning and business intelligence sowing of seed to harvesting using a prestored climate receipe. Real-Time Data Analytics : on data-streams coming from multiple sensors, AI-optimized automated to increase the efficiency data-driven & Deep-learning.

Market Size and Potential

Provide a clear description of your target market, and any market segments that may exist within that market. Include potential market size and growth rate. Also, highlight the potential you see for your company in this space.


Soilless cultivation, Lesser space are fully controlled remotely hydroponic portable farms is smart intelligent portable shelves cum production unit for future food companies. No competitors in Business intelligence, artificial intelligence of retail shelves growing vegetables & setup receipe plus leasing Infrastructure using Plug n play indoor hydroponics, using IOT based growing crops all year round. Supermarkets, Hotels, Restuarents.


Business intelligence in intelligent retail shelves or racks optimization with intelligent space usage growing vegtable inside food racks for retails & supermarkets inside a store, showcases products bringing real engineering and  construction to life . Artificial intelligence (AI) uses IoT sensor data to collected from shelves of plant production to smart phones. Commitment to healthy eating is a great start towards a healthier life.


Go To Market Business Model

Next generation Large, medium, mini farming easy app based growing food, even a kid can grow microgreens, veggies. Multi-tier vertical farm optimize food production to feed cities with building rooftop vertical farm to grocery store based small farm. Create opportunities for public & private sector in agriculture, small farmers need to adopt new, sustainable agricultural methods to increase productivity and income. Healthy Diets all Year Round 

Customised Setup model

Our Operation is we built Customised Setup model directly for Supermarket, Grocery Store, Schools, Medicinal Companies, Research centers, Military establishment, schools, rooftop gardens on apartment buildings, office blocks, restaurants, hospitals, grocery, wholesale produce, food service, restaurant & retail channels. Customize setup, hardware, software, automation, mobile app, cost estimation, maintenence, warrenty & profitable large, medium, small, mini, micro plant factories.

Niche/alternative models

Some vertical farming operations are intentionally staying small for the moment, choosing either to grow incrementally and fund their growth through operating income. Partnership with local community development organizations, and are deeply involved with issues such as food security and creating higher-paying jobs. Vertical farming operation as a platform for education and outreach. These might best be  considered separately from the commercial models described above, but could still provide some guidance for the development of projects on a case-by-case basis.

Wholesale model

Eleven of the 16 vertical farms focus on wholesale market sales. Some of these also supply food service distributors who sell to restaurants and institutions such as hospitals and schools. By establishing long-term supply agreements with grocery retailers. These agreements allowed the company to secure funding for the construction of new growing facilities.

Direct marketing model

Farms sell some of their products via weekly basket services, which are distributed to local delivery points such as cafes, yoga studios, and restaurants.  This allows the businesses to capture more of the retail value of their products but, as mentioned above, this also incurs extra marketing, packaging, and transportations costs. Both companies partner with other regional food producers and artisans to provide additional goods to customers, which may help spread the distribution costs across a larger number of vendors.

Supply chain Model

By working with established grower-shippers to fill specific needs, such as supplying certain products at certain times of the year. By targeting specialty retailers that may be more willing to work with alternative suppliers. This will likely require some form of branded or private label. By bringing on staff with existing relationships in the supply chain. Sales relationships are vital to ensuring a market for the farm’s production, buyers still need to be assured of the farm’s ability to deliver product according to specifications. Establish brand identity and reputation through alternate distribution models, such as online delivery A limited number of specialty producers (for example, wild mushroom or local specialty fruit growers) do contract directly with produce managers at the individual store level, but considering that a vertical farm must operate continuously at scale in order to cover high fixed costs, targeting stores on an individual basis is likely to be.


Business intelligence is intelligent retail shelves or racks optimization with intelligent space usage growing vegtable inside food racks for retails & supermarkets inside a store, showcases products bringing real engineering and  construction to life . Artificial intelligence (AI) uses IoT sensor data to collected from shelves of plant production to smart phones. Commitment to healthy eating is a great start towards a healthier life.


We build in smart building commercial agricultural farms. Plant factory with artificial lighting also known as vertical/horizontal farm growing micro greens & leafy vegetables stacked in layers, racks, shelves, containers like retail & supermarkets. Hundreds of racks, shelves is equivalent to 5 acre of land farms or 5 greenhouse. Mobile APP based automation process & IOT used to customise environmental conditions. Monitoring, controling & predictive mobile applications that feed real-time data with sustainable and larger yields to grow all year. Centralized control systems.


Employing clean-room technologies means no pesticides or herbicides, Plowing, fertilizing, seeding, weeding, harvesting, and delivery are gone as well. Population growth, changing preferences and eating habits, and ecological inputs are key  factors affecting the accelerated development of new growing techniques and materials. People put ever- greater emphasis on the appearance and nutritional value of what they eat.


Setup in same building where stores are located also where cost of vegetables is high and not grown locally. International/local market. Vertical farm for high turnover, off a corporate. small space or shared space. Partnering Govt disaster management space utilization. Training next generation Schools to get disaster management food growing & nutrition management. Sixty Seconds Solution create custom farms next to where people live, so our produce is grown in local store or high rise buildings. Reshaping agriculture to bring fresh and locally grown produce to people everywhere. 

Sixty Seconds Solution

 The technology has given farmers visibility they didn't possess before With new sensors, cameras and other devices, professionals can gain a holistic view of their farm and pinpoint actionable insights. They can instantly adapt to changes and adjust operations to achieve favorable results. For farmers, it's not merely about the bottom line; they also have a goal to nourish consumers fresh, hearty produce

Working in agriculture isn’t easy by any means. However, innovations in smart farming could make the process easier by facilitating access to valuable information and ensuring smooth integration with the Internet of Things. Until then, there are platforms which already offer the first taste of what smart farming

Sixty Seconds Solution

Challenges needed to drive sustainable smart agriculture for increased productivity. Indoor vertical farming solving the globe’s fresh produce shortages. Grow without pesticides or herbicides, and our food is non-GMO. Farm indoors and give our plants everything they need to grow

Sixty Seconds Solution

Our urban plant factory with artificial lighting also known as vertical farm grows micro greens plus leafy vegetables in layers, racks, shelves, containers in smart cities & smart buildings. Environmental monitoring, control, analytics &
predictive mobile applications that feed real-time data with sustainable and larger yields to grow all year.
IOT based monitoring apps, centralized control systems, robot automation, sensor, analytics, UV light, ph, heat, water stress, are monitored, climate controlled crop yields

Robot automation process based vertical farm requires less labour, low maintenence, clean air test, clean water test, appropriate grow light spectrum test, test essential nutrients, no herbicides, no pesticide, no harmful chemicals, no insects,  no moulds, no fungi, no bacteria, no virus, no disease

Endless Possibilities of IoT Application in Agriculture


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