Multi Stop Route Optimization ( Delivery & Transport fleets)



Cut Costs

Save on fuel and labor costs and improve on business profitability with optimized Deliveries


Less Work

Planning your routes manually is so yesteryear. Let us do it for you with just the click


More Time

Stretch your time – complete more jobs in a single day with the same amount of resources.


Unfair Advantage

Gain the unfair advantage by equipping your business with technology from the future.

Save Time & Fuel

No Expensive Hardware to Purchase or Install

Every route is up to 35% shorter on average.

Know Where Your Drivers and Vehicles Are in Real-Time

Stay in control by letting you track the GPS location of all your drivers on a map.

Saves Hours Daily, Efficiency starts with saving your own time, but extends to saving the time of your drivers and customers.

Lowering your operational costs, and by reducing the time it takes to plan routes to less than Sixty Seconds per day.

Planner & route optimization app is constantly updating to help you win the last mile. Several improvements have been made to the route planning & GPS tracking app to improve multi-stop driving. Plan a route faster using the new features designed to improve routing for delivery drivers, pick-ups, drop-offs, and many other services.

Plan Optimized Routes & Schedules in Only 3 Steps

Just type, copy and paste, or upload your list of customers or addresses that you need to visit. Hit plan route, see the optimized route on your computer, get it on your mobile device right away, and travel it.

Type or Upload Addresses

(Orders, Pickups, Deliveries)

Plan Roadmap

Optimized Roadmap

Start your Travel

Upload large files having hundreds or thousands of orders, one or many depots, with support for dozens of regions, hundreds or thousands of drivers. Optimized routes are created and distributed to field personnel, and they can be tracked in real-time. From a single dashboard, you can track the team, move customers from one route to another, monitor your entire fleet

Dynamic Optimization
For businesses whose driving routes change daily or a few times a week.

Territory Management & Optimization
For businesses who manage customers, locations, field-sales and field-marketing using geographical territories.

Recurring & Scheduled Optimization

For businesses whose customers need to be visited using a repeating schedule

Dynamic Opimization & Planning

Territory Management Optiization

Recurring & Schedule Optimization

Full Customized Optimization

Platform Works For Businesses Of All Sizes

I Professionals           I Single Depot Business               I  Multi-Depot Business                I Multi-Regional Business  I

  • Alarm and Security

  • Appliance Install/Repair

  • Asset Recovery

  • Auto Parts/Repair

  • Airport Shuttle Service

  • Beauty Supply

  • Beverage Machine Refills

  • Cable / Sales

  • Cable / Installation

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Cleaning Services

  • Distribution

  • Education/School Bus

  • Electricians

  • Farming & Agriculture

  • Government

  • Fire, Water Restoration

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Fleet Maintenance

  • Fleet/Trucking

  • Flooring Services

  • Florists

  • Food - Delivery

  • Food - Catering

  • Food - Bakery

  • Grocery Delivery

  • Handyman Services

  • Home Health

  • HVAC - Heating, AC

  • Ice Deliveries

  • Inspections

  • Insurance

  • Landscaping

  • Laundromat / Cleaners

  • Maid Services

  • Maintenance

  • Medical/Homecare

  • Medical/Nursing

  • Medical Equipment

  • Medical Installation

  • Municipal Government

  • Pest Control

  • Pet Sitting

  • Plumbing

  • Pool and Spa

  • Pool Maintenance

  • Power Washing Service

  • Printing & Press

  • Propane & Energy Delivery

  • Process Serving

  • Real Estate

  • Retail Furniture

  • Sales

  • Service Calls

  • Surveying

  • Technicians

  • Telecommunications

  • Vehicle Transport

  • Waste Collection

  • Window Cleaning



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